The Unique Indian Pipe Plant

For the first time ever, I spotted several Indian pipe plants, with their nodding flowers, in the woods near our house.  These rare plants are usually white and do not have any chlorophyll.  Indian pipe plants are parasitic, relying on certain fungal hosts associated with the roots of trees in dense forests.  Here, the plants flowered in later August after several days of heavy rain.


Peonies at Sidney’s

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers.  Each year they emerge, signaling the time when it is safe to uncover my roses.  Some of my peonie plants date back many decades to my grandmother’s garden.  We have lovingly transplanted them each time we moved to a new house over the years.  This spring there were very few ants on the peonie buds.  The blooms were ant-free and ready to make a dramatic bouquet to bring in the house.

Sidney Peonies 2015Sidney Peonie FlowerSidney Peonie Bud (1)Bouquet of Peonies