Arrive Early, Start at the Exit in Angkor Wat

In many ways the magnificence and grandeur of Angkor Wat could well surpass the architectural and sculptural genius of many of the great cathedrals of Europe.  The immense size of Angkor Wat with its huge number of intricately carved bas-reliefs and massive lotus-flower towers is truly awe-inspiring.  We arrived very early in the morning and started our tour at the exit.  This allowed us to easily view the many fantastic bas-reliefs before the crush of tourists arrived from the main entrance.  This same strategy worked well when visiting the other temples surrounding Angkor Wat.  Our private tour guide and driver had it right!

Lu Ann Sidney at Angkor Wat Bas-Relief at Angkor Wat 3 Bas-Relief at Angkor Wat 2 (2) Bas-Relief at Angkor Wat 2 (1) Angkor Wat