Beautiful, Walkable Boston

I had never been to Boston before, but I had my chance recently.  I really enjoyed the walkability of Boston, minus the cobblestones.  I followed the Freedom Trail two days and ended up at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFAB) both days.  At the end of the day, I took a cab back to my hotel in the North End. Of the places I visited in Boston, I especially liked the MFAB.  If given an opportunity again, I would go back to Boston just to see the MFAB.  The collections are spectacular; every piece of art has its place.  I would highly recommend viewing all the John Singer Sargent works in the museum. When I was walking, actually almost running, between wings of the museum, I stopped suddenly when I saw a collection of beautiful Iranian pottery.  I have never done this before, even at the Louvre.

Lu Ann Sidney at BMFA (2) Lu Ann Sidney with Ganesh Paul Revere Square Old North Church Bust of George Washington Garden at St. Leonard's Church Make Way for Ducklings Swan Boat at Boston Common Tiffany Window in Church of the Covenant Lu Ann Sidney in North End Boston