About Lu Ann Sidney

523b5220c5852_@!@_Lu Ann Sidney with Gov. PerpichFor over 15 years, Lu Ann Sidney has served as the principal of LNS Consulting Services. Possessing experience in the structural and functional properties of polymers, thin-film coatings, and radiation sterilization, Sidney established her firm to provide advice and solutions regarding the development of medical products. Clients turn to her for guidance in creating medical devices, such as sterilizing devices using gamma radiation, and managing projects. Based out of Victoria, Minnesota, Lu Ann Sidney has clients in North America and Europe.

Since opening LNS Consulting, Sidney has participated in a number of projects. A Canadian business sought her assistance with trade shows that highlighted its electron beam sterilization and processing services. Her firm performed market research to better understand the Minnesota medical device industry. Additionally, Lu Ann Sidney performed extensive testing of ink jet printers in preparation for a patent infringement case.

In addition to her professional obligations, she contributes to several nonprofit organizations. A dog owner and animal lover, Sidney helps various animals by donating to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota, which cares for injured animals. Formerly affiliated with Camp Tanadoona, she aids the Minnesota Council of Camp Fire USA and attended its Centennial Celebration, which featured Senator Amy Klobuchar as the keynote speaker. Moreover, Lu Ann Sidney remains connected to her alma mater, Concordia College, and annually gives money for student scholarships.


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