The Prairie Dog Coalition’s Relocation and Containment Efforts


Prairie Dog Coalition pic

Prairie Dog Coalition

A recipient of several patents, Lu Ann Sidney serves as the principal of LNS Consulting Services and has given talks on a wide range of topics in the medical device development field. Alongside her career, Lu Ann Sidney supports organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States’ Prairie Dog Coalition.

Created as a collaborative project between a variety of groups and individuals concerned about the endangered prairie dog populations, the Prairie Dog Coalition seeks to preserve habitat for the species. Alongside protecting land for the prairie dogs, such as the 18,000-acre Thunder Basin National Grassland in Wyoming, the coalition heads projects for relocation and containment.

The Prairie Dog Coalition’s relocation projects save prairie dogs from land development and human threats such as intentional poisoning. Volunteer teams capture the prairie dogs and transfer them to a preselected release site. Containment efforts include fencing areas or planting buffer zones to prevent prairie dogs from moving beyond a safe territory. Additionally, controlled burns are sometimes performed to encourage colonies to expand into areas where they will not face the possibility of being shot or poisoned.


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