The Norwich Terrier – Small Hunting Dog Turned Family Pet



Saving Small Lives with the Prairie Dog Coalition

Prairie Dog Coalition pic

Prairie Dog Coalition

The principal consultant at LNS Consulting Services in Victoria, Minnesota, Lu Ann Sidney has spent over 20 years in her current position. Away from work, Lu Ann Sidney donates to philanthropic organizations, including the Prairie Dog Coalition, which is sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States.

Enjoyed by visitors to zoos and nature preserves, prairie dogs are an essential resource on American prairies, currently deemed an endangered ecosystem. Within the last 100 years, increased agriculture and booming urban development have caused massive destruction to prairie dog habitats. Further, rampant disease and exterminations are causing the population of these creatures to drastically plummet.

The Prairie Dog Coalition focuses on all five species of prairie dogs, which range from Montana and North Dakota all the way south to Texas and New Mexico. Recently, the Thunder Basin National Grassland in Wyoming is being used as a habitat for these animals, and has helped over 180,000 prairie dogs to thrive. Many of the creatures here have been relocated from habitats at risk.

Volunteer opportunities with the Prairie Dog Coalition range from field work to community outreach and advocacy. Simple monetary donations are also appreciated.