Black Eggs in Hakone

Not too far from Mount Fuji is the town of Hakone.  We took the Tozan switchback train up the hillside to reach the Hakone Ropeway.  The Ropeway takes you over the hot springs of the Owaku-dani valley.  Many plumes of sulfurous steam dot the valley floor, creating an other-worldly feel to the landscape below.  At the top, we were treated to a wonderfully clear view of Mount Fuji.  This, however, is not the only attraction here.  Just a few steps further up another hill leads you to a spot where crowds of people are devouring black hardboiled eggs!  These eggs are cooked in the hot springs and the shells turn black because of the sulfur.  We certainly will have good luck as a result of eating these special eggs!

Lu Ann Sidney Eating EggHakone RopewayCooked eggs from Hakone



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